Eating Bugs, Skateboard Sunnies, and Ocean Seeding

Eating Bugs, Skateboard Sunnies, and Ocean SeedingWomen’s Movement | November 15, 2012

By L. Clark Tate

Bugging Out: Lightning or lady—who didn’t have a favorite childhood bug? Whether you’ve got an affinity for creepy crawlers or not, you’ll enjoy a recent blog post on NPR that celebrates the range of clever katydids that actually mimic fall foliage. Taking the bug affinity to the next level, Wiredmagazine recently reported that bugs may soon round out the world’s food resources. High in protein and fiber, and low in fat and cholesterol (and sustainably harvested to boot), insects are being touted as the wonder food of the future in some circles. Projects such as London-based Ento, spawned by graduate students working to help food production keep pace with growing global demands, seek to facilitate a cultural shift towards accepting insects as a delicious, sustainable dinner.

Recycled Sunnies: Boutique sunwear maker Eqo Optics recently debuted a conscious line of shades that are up-cycled from used skateboard decks. The Colorado Springs-based company, featured on Ecouterre, crafts each pair of specs using busted boards, stainless-steel hinges, and polarized Polaroid lenses. Perfect for the sustainable skater girl in all of us.

Sandy Scares up Climate Debate: Hurricane Sandy’s legacy includes a massive clean-up effort, proportionally colossal bill, and a high-octane climate change debate. Although scientists claim it’s impossible to link a single weather event to climate change, most agree that it can certainly make a particular event, such as Hurricane Sandy, much worse, as Climate Central discusses. Regardless of the science, some political figures are echoing Bloomberg Businessweek‘s recent headline “It’s Climate Change, Stupid.” So what now? Some scientists are considering outrageously creative solutions, such as seeding the ocean with iron to spark a carbon-sequestering plankton bloom, as reported by NPR.

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