The Paper Shortage Impacts Craft Publishers

“From empty bookshelves to rising price tags to possible 2022 election material woesa paper shortage is walloping the literate world. It’s hard to get a handle on the exact cause or scale of the shortage, but blame ranges from shipping delays to worker illnesses to other pandemic-related stresses. It doesn’t help that the online shopping “box boom” inspired a shift from paper to cardboard manufacturing. When combined with paper mill shutdowns, it has reduced North America’s paper production by a fifth since 2019, according to Kevin Mason of ERA Forest Products Research, as reported by the Seattle Times.

We talked to four Craft Industry Alliance members about how the shortage affects their businesses. Here’s what they have to say…”

Read the full article at Craft Industry Alliance or view a PDF version.

Published by the Craft Industry Alliance | July 26, 2022

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