Summer & Fall Outdoor Rec Guide

Published in City Weekly‘s 2014 Summer & Fall Outdoor Recreation Guide

Reach for the Stars

SLCW Reach for the Stars

Isn’t it time you explored another Utah-provided national treasure: world-class dark skies? A new-moon night sky in the deep desert is like a mini big bang of beauty; it will crush your heart and expand your soul. Patterns of glowing mist swirl through so many stars that it actually hurts to behold. Short and sweet, these “hikes” will get you away from your car but, as it will be nigh impossible to tear your eyes from the dazzling display in the sky, won’t require you to watch your feet (too closely, that is; no stomping those cryptobiotic-soil crusts in the dark). Bring a headlamp (red light is best for night vision) and bundle up…READ MORE.

Big Time Rush

SLCW Big Time RushThere’s a reason early explorers scoured the West for river passages: access. The middle-of-nowhere places that a river can take you will demand your undivided, awe-inspired attention. And while day trips are splashy fun, desert rivers—muddy waters, trembling cottonwoods and canyon wrens—deserve at least an overnight stay. River pace is fluid—all whitewater rushes and lazing eddy lulls, but give it time to wind you down. Soak it in. You’ll have to.

Raft, ducky, kayak or canoe—get your gear and go! Or hit up the Utah Guides & Outfitters Association for outfitter information…READ MORE.


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