‘the world offers itself to your imagination’

Hello and welcome to my website!

Audio producer, journalist, writer, and wilderness guide

I care about people, the cultures we create, and the wildlife and landscapes that sustain us.

Title quote from “Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver
Photo by the phenomenal Erin Towns

I tell true stories about the natural world and people pursuing work of the soul, covering topics from offshore windmills and white sharks in Maine to artists and adventurers who sacrifice for a meaningful life. I also guide wilderness trips, review outdoor gear, and use both as an excuse to practice my field recording and photojournalism.

I hold a master’s degree in environmental science and landuse policy from the University of Virginia and studied audio storytelling and podcast production at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. My science background draws me to fact-based stories and complex topics. Working in documentary hammered in the importance of strong and surprising story structures and nuanced character arcs. My work has been featured in Hakai Magazine and on WMPG.

I love Mary Oliver and take time to sit with her poem “Wild Geese” every time I read it. I want my work to offer glimpses of the world that the audience, and their imaginations, might not otherwise attend to.

Interested in collaborating?

Uncharted. A story about the great white sharks of Maine.

Holdfast. A portrait of Micah Woodcock, Atlantic Holdfast Seaweed Company.

Shatterzone. A little-known ancient supervolcano in an extraordinarily well-known location — Acadia National Park.

Do you have a story to tell?

If you have a story idea or podcast production, field recording, tape sync, or other audio needs, I’d love to hear from you.