Winter Outdoor Recreation Guide 2014-15

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Winter Outdoor Recreation Guide 2014-15

NEWSRESTAURANTS & BARSMUSICA&EEVENTSBEST OFJOBS & HOMESSTOREDAILY FEED February 05, 2015 Guides » Winter Outdoor Rec Guide Winter Outdoor Recreation Guide 2014-15No winter is like the last one, even beyond the snow factor: Resorts grow and change, and as jobs, families and interests shift, our recreation routines get shaken up. But there’s no reason to fear change—embrace it, with the help of our guide to the resorts and offerings of Utah’s mountains.

The resorts are switching it up this season. Several new ownership schemes are making waves, and efforts to up snow-independent offerings(e.g., snow making capacity, foodie options, specialty kid camps and summer activities) to mitigate the monetary impacts of climate change….READ MORE.

Winter Calendar

CW Winter CalendarThe rush of the workweek often dumps us out at the start of the weekend unprepared—making it too easy to waste all that potential fun time cleaning or binge-watching marginally interesting TV. Double that disconcertion when the seasons suddenly change. (Wait? It’s winter?)

So, let this winter calendar kick-start your brain into planning mode. Sure, there’s no time like the present—but looking ahead every once in a while can seriously improve the odds of enjoying it even more down the line…READ MORE.

Say Yes to the Yurt

Say Yes to the YurtColoradoans can have their cushy backcountry hut system. Utah’s cozy yurts access shred-ready terrain without unnecessary panache. The wood or propane stoves, stacked firewood, bunk beds and yurt walls keep winter camping relatively simple. Sure, it’s a schlep, but waking up alpine-early to wintry mountain views and the promise of fresh tracks is more than worth the work

Yurt permits come with detailed lists of what you’ll need, but plan on hauling food, a kitchen kit, sleeping bags and pads, as well as first aid, navigation and avalanche supplies (beacon/shovel/probe/terrain-management brain). Utah’s famous fluff can make for a seriously unstable snowpack, so brush up on backcountry skills and check conditions…READ MORE.

Gone Fishing

Gone FishingOver your usual wintertime fun, or just a fiendish fisher in need of a fix? So what if the riverbanks are snow-drifted and the lakes frozen—go fishing.

According to Travis Gillespie, founder of the Utah Fly Fishing Club (, winter is a great time to pull out those rods and seek a strike. The fish are hungry, and a few cold weather conditions have them throwing caution to the wind, upping your odds of a good catch…READ MORE.

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