Series Published by Women’s Movement | 2012-2013

By L. Clark Tate

Profitable Preserves, Foraging Maps, and More

Profitable Preserves, Foraging Maps, and MorePreservation for Profit. New research shows that marine conservation areas provide more than wildlife habitat, beauty, and excellent snorkeling opportunities, reports National Geographic. The scientific paper, called “A General Business Model for Marine Reserves,” found that the preserves also serve up economic benefits in the form of healthier fisheries, increased tourism, and well-maintained ecosystem services (think free water filtering services).There’s even evidence that the increase in cash flow replaces the cost of creating the reserve in as little as five years…READ MORE.

Eating Bugs, Skateboard Sunnies, and Ocean Seeding

Eating Bugs, Skateboard Sunnies, and Ocean SeedingBugging Out: Lightning or lady—who didn’t have a favorite childhood bug? Whether you’ve got an affinity for creepy crawlers or not, you’ll enjoy a recent blog post on NPR that celebrates the range of clever katydids that actually mimic fall foliage. Taking the bug affinity to the next level, Wiredmagazine recently reported that bugs may soon round out the world’s food resources. High in protein and fiber, and low in fat and cholesterol (and sustainably harvested to boot), insects are being touted as the wonder food of the future in some circles…READ MORE.

Going Nuts, the Carbon Footprint Antidote, and Wolf Hunting

Going Nuts, the Carbon Footprint Antidote, and Wolf HuntingSometimes You Feel Like a Nut. Accessories may make the outfit but what makes the accessories? Often the answer is just plain old plastic—hardly inspiring. Luckily, the comeback of a remarkable little palm nut is offering up an ancient, eco-friendly material that lends itself to pieces with modern style. Ethical Ocean recently highlighted this natural wonder—the tagua nut. Hailing from South America’s Pacific Coast, tagua is also known as vegetable ivory due to a color and texture similar to the tusk-derived stuff. When dried, the nut can be polished, carved, and dyed…READ MORE.

The Clean Plate Club, Green School Supplies, and Frack

The Clean Plate Club, Green School Supplies, and FrackAre you cleaning your plate? Americans throw away up to a whopping 40 percent of the food they purchase, according to a Stockholm International Water Institute report, highlighted recently in National Geographic’s NewsWatch. Other countries are guilty of food waste sins, as well, with a third to one half of all food produced simply rotting globally. We find these to be highly nonsensical numbers in a world where over one billion people go hungry and or are malnourished. These figures are also big news in the water world since 70 percent of our collective freshwater resources are used to fuel food production…READ MORE.

Urban Green Walls, Coming Clean, and Where the Sea Also Rises

Urban Green Walls, Coming Clean, and Where the Sea Also RisesGreener Walls = Cleaner Air. The Old World charm of ivy-covered chateau walls is granting a breath of fresh air in modern-day metropolises. As reported by the BBC News, a recent Environmental Science and Technology study found that greening “urban canyon” walls reduces air pollution levels by an impressive 30 percent. If you want to grow grass roots support for urban greening—or just love the aesthetic of cascading flora as much as we do—consider purchasing a preassembled system like LiveWall as described by Treehugger, a singular planter like Wally One as shown on ecomom, or create your own installation…READ MORE.

The Moss Table, Rio Earth Summit, and Solar Ladies

The Moss Table, Rio Earth Summit, and Solar Ladies

The Green Light. One of the more exciting green ideas to crop up lately, as described by Inhabit, is biophotovoltaics. That’s right, biophotovoltaics: the practice of capturing energy created by the photosynthesis of plants, primarily algae and moss. The practice isn’t efficient enough just yet for the mass market but researchers at Cambridge University, who believe the technology could eventually outpace such standards as silicon-based solar panels, have envisioned some pretty incredible applications. …READ MORE.

Cargotecture, Radioactive Tuna, and Power-Producing Tiles




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