Cargotecture, Radioactive Tuna, and Power-Producing Tiles

Cargotecture, Radioactive Tuna, and Power-Producing TilesWomen’s Movement | 2012

Radioative Tuna. The BBC News recently reported that Bluefin tuna found off the coast of San Diego tested positive for radioactive contamination linked directly to the 2011 Fukushima disaster. According to researchers, the radioactivity detected is well within permitted levels and the fish are considered safe to eat. Seriously? Scientists will continue sampling tuna as new fish hoofin’ it over to California will have spent more time in Japanese waters and could show differing levels of radiation. For more information on the environmental and human health safety of your own favorite sushi see National Geographic’s The Impact of Seafood – Seafood Decision Guide.

Power-generating floor tiles? Charged with the task of exploring the potential for powering cities through wind and solar technologies, Londoner Laurence Kemball-Cook determined the most prolific urban energy source to be people. That Aha! moment inspired the creation of a new breed of recycled rubber tiles that capture the kinetic energy of a human footfall, as reported last week by National Geographic Daily News. Each individual step generates approximately seven watts of electricity—so, when the groundbreaking tiles are placed in population centers such as schools, concert venues, or train stations, millions of steps equate to a world of power. Brilliant.

Link to story on Women’s Movement.

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